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Fall Leaves pick up begins

Fall Leaves pick up begins in Conyngham. The Conyngham Borough Department of Public Works has started picking up leaves. Residents are asked to pile the leaves on the edge of their property, keeping them off the sidewalk and the road surfaces. Residents are also reminded that the pickup is for leaves only. Yard waste, grass clippings, tree branches, etc. will not be taken. These requirements are necessary to help insure the safety of our neighbors and the Borough Employees. Any piles that do not follow the guidelines will not be picked up.


Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is currently being done in Conyngham Borough. In order for the street sweeper to work correctly, residents are asked to NOT SWEEP the cinders into piles.

Snow & Ice Sidewalk Ordinance

Residents are reminded that the Borough enacted a Snow & Ice Sidewalk Ordinance at its January 20th meeting. The Ordinance is now in effect. The purpose of the Ordinance is to provide for safe pedestrian travel throughout our community.

Many residents enjoy walking our sidewalks daily, for both recreational and business purposes. The co-operation of all residents is required to ensure their safety. Please do your part to keep our streets and sidewalks safe. Your friends and neighbors appreciate your efforts.

First time violators of the ordinance will be issued a warning, however, repeat offenders will face fines.  A copy of the Ordinance is available at the Borough Office for inspection. Any complaints of violations should be directed to the Borough Police Department or Code Enforcement Officer.