Fall Leaves Pick Up to Begin in Conyngham

Fall Leaves Pick Up to Begin in Conyngham
October 6, 2014

The Conyngham Borough Streets Department will begin picking up fallen leaves next week, weather permitting. Please see below for important information.  Please call the office with any questions.

  • Schedule
    • Tuesday, October 14th: This first week will focus on the parts of the Borough east of Route 93.
    • Monday, October 20th: The second week will focus on Brookhill
    • Additional days may be needed
    • Please note the dates are tentative and may change due to weather, and other unforeseen situations.
  • Important Reminders for Our Residents – Please Help to Insure the Safety of our Residents and the Road Crew
    • Residents are asked to pile the leaves on the edge of their property, leaving them off the sidewalk and the road surfaces. The piles can block the sidewalks and make walking difficult. They also present a slip hazard if they get wet. Leaves can run down the road in a heavy rain and block the storm water drains.
    • Residents are also reminded that the pick up is only for leaves. Yard waste, grass clippings, tree branches, etc., will not be taken. Our vacuum equipment is not designed to handle these items. This debris can jam the equipment. It can also cause equipment failures. Both can pose a safety risk to our crew.
    • Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the piles not being picked up until the situation is remedied.